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Our Team

Our team of teachers & volunteers offer a variety of experience and educational backgrounds to benefit our students, and all are committed to the formation of students in the Orthodox faith and to the cultivation of their love of learning.

Our volunteer Board of Directors is responsible for prayerfully ensuring the success of the organization, and obtaining the resources and support necessary to support our mission.


Staff & Volunteers

Beth McClintock
Greek Language Tutor & Recess Monitor

Taylor Flaten
Teacher Nursery Attendant

Mariya Sidorochev
Friday Activity Assistant & Substitute

Gina Polsinelli
Teacher Nursery Aide

Dan Marquardt
Marital Arts Instructor

Myriam Kyriakos
Teacher Nursery Aide

Board of Directors

Denise Yurchak, SPHR, CIHC  |  President

Frank Chilbert, MAT  |  VP & Classical Education

Jonathan Atkinson, Esq.  |  Secretary
Victoria Kaminsky, MBA  |  Treasurer

Khouria Elizabeth Bushelli  |  Homeschooling
Deacon Luke Carpenter, MD  |  Spiritual Formation
Subdeacon Justin Gohl, Ph.D.  |  Communications
Kate Gohl, M.Ed.  |  Facilities
R. Joseph Kyriakos, MD  |  At Large

(VACANT)  |  Fundraising & Events

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