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Program Details

By the grace of God and after a few years of careful consideration, Saint Justin Academy launched as a homeschool hybrid ("co-op") program in August of 2021 with two teachers and 10 students from four families, Grades 3-7 meeting three days per week. In our second year, we expanded to 20 students from Kindergarten thru 8th grade. In our third year, we expanded to include High School (Grades 9-12).


Now accepting enrollments for 2024-2025, we can accommodate up to 40 students for Kindergarten through 12th Grade.


We are also pleased to announce that in addition to our current part-time program, we will be adding the option for onsite student support on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We hope this will help us serve the needs of families who need a 5-day-per-week option. The Tuesday/Thursday program will include structured study hall periods and tutoring, along with other electives and activities such as Drama and Greek language games. 


All classes are held in-person in the classrooms of St Philip Orthodox Church in Souderton, PA from 8:45am-3:15pm. Core subjects are taught on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, including: History, Literature & Language Arts, Math, Science, Logic, Greek, Art, Music, and Bible/Theology. On Fridays, we also conduct monthly field trips and offer many special lessons for students to explore additional topics. 


For more information on our approach to education and the Classical Education model, please click here.

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